Balazs Keresztes (1990, Hungary) is a Hungarian literary critic, translator, and teacher. Studied literary and cultural studies in Budapest, Cologne, and Münster, Keresztes translated works of Bruno Latour and Friedrich Kittler and took part in the overall popularization of media and cultural studies in Hungary in the 2010s. As a part-time Victorianist, he also translated writings of John Ruskin and William Morris. Beyond his academic interest, Keresztes teaches art history for designers, hosts book clubs in Budapest bars, and regularly publishes online videos on literary classics. In 2022 he joined the editorial team of the Continental Literary Magazine.

Photograph © Balázs Keresztes


“It Was the Hotel that Picked Me” – an interview with Tony Notarberardino by Balázs Keresztes

Long-time resident of the Chelsea Hotel, photographer and filmographer Tony Notarberardino shares his personal anecdotes about the legendary dim of artists.