Category: In Focus

Shanghai Bitter by Noémi László

Bottled by a Transylvanian Hungarian in English She stood with a half-emptied glass in one hand and an almost full glass in the other. A composed Chinese gentleman stepped in. He stepped out on the first floor. Ten minutes to eight and there she was, gin-and-tonicked and in love in the lobby, waiting for Zelda […]

Love Money by Ildiko Noemi Nagy

Let me tell you about the first time I experienced love. She had red hair, black eyes, wore striped socks, and one of those shapeless, Little House on the Prairie-type dresses. Her name was Ann. She smelled like yarn and clean fabric. When I lifted Ann’s dress for the first time, I saw something else […]

Two in the midst by Mila Haugová

All of time’s layers are in motion //claims upon light and dark Are rising//their splendid heads and hair (silk) Mouths in moist recesses //whatever else they may enjoy In this time of absolute pride.   Pale cross on the brow // near to zero and infinity (one day you’re everything for him next day you’re […]

Skin is as unique as fingerprints by Attila Lóránt

  At first I didn’t exactly understand what this meant since after all, we are all people of some color. Furthermore, I wondered how I could begin to approach this tricky question without leaving myself vulnerable to attacks on innumerable fronts. There are shades of skin that are lighter and others that are darker, and […]