T. Szántó

Hungarian novelist, essayist, and editor-in-chief of Szombat, a Jewish political and cultural monthly. He has published several novels, collections of short stories, and a book of poetry. His novel Kafka macskái (Kafka's Cats) has been translated into Turkish and Czech, his short story collection 1945 és más történetek (1945 and Other Stories) has been translated into Italian, Chinese and Slovakian. The title story of this book has been translated into 10 languages and was adapted to an internationally acclaimed feature film (1945) that won 20 awards and distributed in 40 countries.

Photograph © László Végh


Neither Sleep nor Slumber by Gábor T. Szántó

In Hungarian writer Gábor T. Szántó’s story, as communism falls and the Russian troops withdraw from Hungary, an elderly rabbi receives an unlikely visit.