Jan Němec was born in 1981 in Brno. He studied sociology and dramaturgy. He has published four books: První život (First Life, poetry, 2007), Hra pro čtyři ruce (Playing Four Hands, short stories, 2009), Dějiny světla (A History of Light, novel, 2013), Možnosti milostného románu (Possibilities of Love Novel, novel, 2019). A History of Light is a biographical novel about the photographer František Drtikol and won The Czech Book and the European Union Prize for Literature

Photograph © Wikipedia / AN


Panic Button by Jan Němec

He turned the ignition key. The concealed cameras showed him his immediate surroundings via the screen on the dashboard. The red Alfa Romeo to the left belonged to the lady next door, whom he had once quite fancied, while the Škoda on the other side meant nothing. He reversed out of their embrace without triggering […]