Krisztina Rita

Krisztina Rita Molnár (1967, Hungary) is a poet, author, and children’s writer. In her native Hungarian, she has published four poetry volumes, four children’s novels, including the bestselling Malena kertje (Malena’s Garden), as well as one shorty-story volume Remélem, örülsz (I Hope You’re Happy), and she is working on a novel.

Photograph © Zsófi Tóth


The Grass and the Night Sky by Krisztina Rita Molnár

“…sometimes we lose buttons – much to our annoyance – but we never rid ourselves of one intentionally. Before worn or passé garments end up in the bin, off come the durable, reusable buttons, so they can join their companions and await the rare moment when perhaps they might again come near a needle and […]