László Imre

László Imre Horváth (1981, Hungary) graduated from Pázmány Péter Catholic University with a degree in Hungarian History. He took part in the creative writing program taught by Hungarian author János Lackfi. His poems have been published in numerous journals, including Kortárs, Árgus, Prae, Hévíz, Liget, Magyar Napló, Holmi, and Mozgó Világ and also in several anthologies. He has also published several works of prose, including his 2014 novel Lett este és lett reggel (Evening Came and Morning Came, Magvető).

Photograph © László Imre Horváth


Honey by László Imre Horváth

We revisit a scene from Josephus Flavius’ account of what he called, in his famous history, the war of the Jews. We find ourselves with Marcus Atius, who has welcomed a party traveling with the body of Aristobulus in search of honey to preserve the corpse until it can be sent to the Jews for […]