Mila Haugová is a Slovak poet, essayist, and translator and also author of more than twenty volumes of poetry. Born in Hungary in 1942, she moved to Czechoslovakia with her family after the war. In 1968, she emigrated to Canada, returning after one year. From 1986 to 1996, Haugová worked in the editorial section of the literary journal Romboid. She is also highly regarded as a translator and has translated the poetry of, for instance, Sylvia Plath, Anne Saxton, Ingeborg Bachmann, Georg Trakl, and Paul Celan.


Two in the midst by Mila Haugová

All of time’s layers are in motion //claims upon light and dark Are rising//their splendid heads and hair (silk) Mouths in moist recesses //whatever else they may enjoy In this time of absolute pride.   Pale cross on the brow // near to zero and infinity (one day you’re everything for him next day you’re […]

Magnetic fields of sympathy by Mila Haugová

In the intimacy of stripped-bare sounds I cannot remember any voice My hearing is failing my memory of sound or there is a rift so acute and deep that it escapes comprehension.   I step on the fragile November ice no it’s nothing unsafe // only tread inspired by water on the field path and […]

Like a White Airship by Mila Haugová

Bird existence //in the shadow of constellations We are the patience of stones //in freezing snow Where are we now advancing in which time of light? How much nearer //to time before the creation of dreams? How many constellations // nearer to time before the mirror?