Natália Szeifert is a poet, writer, and artist born in Zirc, Hungary. She now lives in Budapest. She has published several novels in Hungarian, including Az altatószerekről (On Sedatives, Kalligram, 2017), in which she writes with extraordinary authenticity and depth about the body and femininity. Her latest novel Örökpanoráma (Perpetual Panorama, Kalligram, 2022) tells with magical power the story of a fictional village across a century, of its creation and destruction.

Photograph © Natália Szeifert


Moments of Mercy by Natália Szeifert

Gilda had closed the gate behind her and was setting off down the only street in the village to pay her visits to her elderly patients when suddenly she remembered how she and Peti Sziraki had spent the better part of one morning staring at the white hairs coming out of Uncle Titi’s ears. She […]