Was born in 1978 in Hungary. He graduated as an actor in 2001 at the Shakespeare Theater Academy, Budapest. During his studies and afterwards till 2006 worked as an actor in numerous theaters. He started to do own theater productions in 2004 and in 2007 founded the Independent Theater Hungary , where he works in a Roma and non-Roma interethnic team in the fields of theater and education focusing on social issues. He received Junior Prima ward for his educational work in 2007 and UN “Refugee-prize” for his performance: Mirad, a boy from Bosnia. He won the Ibsen Scholarschip in 2012. He wrote and directed numerous plays and performances, related to some of which also has run theater educational program for disadvantaged youngsters. He has been researching the work of European Roma theaters since 2015, and is the festival director of the Roma Heroes International Roma Theater festival since 2017. He aims to found the European Roma Theater in cooperation with other Roma theaters.

Photograph © Alina Vincze


Gypsy Heroes by Rodrigó Balogh

Actor and theater artist Balogh Rodrigó writes on the circumstances surrounding the creation of Gypsy Heroes, the first compilation of works for the theater by and about Roma.