Etiology by David Galef

In a crowded elevator leaving the 17th floor, six-year-old Ricardo and his mother meet two complete strangers, when an incident occurs.

White Price Comfort by William Pierce

William Pierce reflects on the racism in the physical and cultural geography of the United States and white supremacism’s ongoing distortions of American life.

I’m Here, I’m Disabled, Get Used To It by Judith Newman

Judith Newman writes on the next chapter in the fight against ableism as the disabled assert their rights as equal citizens, including equal sexual citizens.

Indians by Lance Henson

Cheyenne poet Lance Henson shares his thoughts on the “Hungarian Indian,” which can be seen as both a form of resistance and a form of cultural appropriation.

The Power of No: A Meditation on Boundaries and Black Womanhood by Roxane Gay

Black feminist author Roxane Gay touches on the challenges of refusing to meet social expectations and the immense pressures placed on women and people of color to conform.

Big Brother by Tope Folarin

Tope Folarin writes on the ways in which reality television, far from offering a refuge from everyday worries, serves as a crucible in which social tensions come to the fore.