the ventriloquists by Gábor Gyukics

Gábor Gyukics’s poem about the obliviousness of the privileged peoples of the world to the world around them.

shindig by Gábor Gyukics

Gábor Gyukics’s poem about the role of racism in police violence.

Gypsy Heroes by Rodrigó Balogh

Actor and theater artist Balogh Rodrigó writes on the circumstances surrounding the creation of Gypsy Heroes, the first compilation of works for the theater by and about Roma.

Eight billion Shades – Capturing a World of Color by Attila Lóránt

Hungarian cultural anthropologist and photographer Attila Lóránt on a Central European perspective of racism and historical racial bias in photography.

White Price Comfort by William Pierce

William Pierce reflects on the racism in the physical and cultural geography of the United States and white supremacism’s ongoing distortions of American life.

Biography of a Black-and-White Lamb by Tomáš Zmeškal

A short story in which Thomas Zmeskal explores the essentially racist, exclusive nature of narratives of national identity in Central Europe.

Heritage by Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkało

Polish poet Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkalo touches in her poetry on racism, identity, belonging, exclusion, and the ever-present danger of fascism.

Whiter than white by Hubert Klimko-Dobrzaniecki

A troubling short story by Hubert Klimko-Dobrzaniecki which uses skin color as a way of exploring the traumas of life under a dictatorship propped up by propaganda.

The Power of No: A Meditation on Boundaries and Black Womanhood by Roxane Gay

Black feminist author Roxane Gay touches on the challenges of refusing to meet social expectations and the immense pressures placed on women and people of color to conform.