Anna Terék is the author of five collections of Hungarian poetry and drama, including Duna utca (‘Danube Street’) Vajdasági lakodalom (‘Vojvodina Feast’), and Hallott nők (‘Dead Women’), which received several literary prizes. Her work has been translated into English, Spanish, Turkish, Croatian, German and Polish, among other languages. Her most recent collection, Háttal a napnak (‘Back on the Sun’), was awarded the Milán Füst award. Her poetry has appeared in English in Hungarian Literature Online, One Hand Clapping, and Eurolitkrant.

Photograph © Sándor Ács


On The Way To Magadan by Anna Terék

I’m wondering how far one’s desires can be from another’s. Aren’t you interested, mister? You just laugh, oblivious to the distance to Magadan.   What if we had gone anyway? I would be watching the ice, you’d be watching the endlessness, this is how we would be mirrored in that flat-frozen Siberia. Isn’t it how […]

Black Snow by Anna Terék

We barged along the silence of that winter. Wheat fields labored in the choke of ice.   By the barracks my father shifted from foot to foot. Nothing else moved in that frozen country. My mother, stock-still and angry. My sister and I, motionless. Motionless, other soldiers.   By the barracks he swayed with eyes half-closed, […]