19th January 2023


2 minutes read

Iya Kiva

“i :says Marina: am a refugee-person”

translated by Katherine E. Young

19th January 2023

2 minutes read

i :says Marina: am a refugee-person

juvenile sea of shame of a war of blame

attacking the body of the sleeping city


i’m a hare in a circus in a khorovod

dancing on my sole remaining leg


do you hear how time’s floorboards creak

my lost paws cross themselves

at the root out of sequence


i :continues she/it: am a hell-person

night drilled a pupil in my eyes


i stand on the world’s scales

and swing alienable proofs


the act of violence began so long ago

that shoots rose from its every motion


i :it insists: am the swollen pit

in the mouth of a flaming grape

the planned deflowering of glands


i don’t recognize the speaker, but animals

with an abundance of tongues once roamed these voids

and walked about trapped in a warped cone of light


and now the doors of the grass are closing

the thin film of brightness flies backwards

i find myself in the belly of an unending road


here mercury flatware gleams beneath each border

and it smells treacherously of the scorched sugar of home

and like a candle my cooling trail burns in the snow

written by

Iya Kiva

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translated by

Katherine E. Young

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“i :says Marina: am a refugee-person” by Iya Kiva
In this poem by Ukrainian poet Iya Kiva, a “refugee-person” offers a self-definition that is as violent and sorrowful, as it is defiant and elusive.
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