A Fifth of Rye by R.J. Ellory

In this short story, McCarthy waits like a professional, in the cell of the New York Department of Correction, or in a motel room with a fifth of rye.

Rug in the Trunk by László Márton

A mystery by László Márton involving a Hungarian chemical engineer and a Persian rug, set in Vienna, just six years after the Soviets withdrew.

In Focus
“it was iron: i thought by János Marno

A fragmentary avantgarde poem by Hungarian poet János Marno, with seemingly no framework, contorted with cynicism, lust, shame, villainy, and terror.

In Focus
Epidemic by Petra Szőcs

The inhabitants of this plague-struck world, in this poem by Hungarian poet Petra Szőcs, are seething with suspicion, horror, fear, and longing.

Mantled in Mystery by Dominik Dán

A police investigation at the scene of the death of a 17-year-old prostitute, from the pen of the most widely read Slovak detective fiction writer.

The Ghost of Rococo by János Marno

In this poem by Hungarian poet János Marno in a private moment of near hallucination a ladybird on a finger is mistaken for a drop of blood.

Blackboard by Sergey Kuznetsov

In modern Russia, for how long can boyhood fantasies of criminals, femme fatales, and riches truly replace reality? A story by Sergey Kuznetsov.

Crypto: The Teenage Years by Tibor Fischer

What is the future of crypto, or rather, what is its present? Is it a revolution in the decentralization of power or a Ponzi scheme doomed to fail?

Four Poems by Katalin Ladik

Four poems by one of Hungary’s most prominent avant-garde poets.