19th April 2023


1 minute read

Katalin Ladik

Four Poems

translated by Owen Good

19th April 2023

1 minute read

A short and playful sorrel damsel of a poem that rises from beneath the ice sheets.

sorrel damsels sit on the ice

sorrel damsels sit on the ice
ribbons round their tails
from beneath the ice i
a former beauty play them violin


A pickle jar and cold bedsheets, growing up has never been such a blast in this poem.


in winter i grab the pickle jar and sit on it
my mother taught me
never to dance on cold bedsheets

in spring i tear at buttons


Do you enjoy tilling golden earrings in the garden? A mischievous poem about spring.


the big gardener is tilling earrings
oh the nightingale in his pocket has burst!
but isn’t it lovely isn’t it delightful
when the big gardener
tills golden earrings in the garden


What happens when an old lady meets a chemist and a venetian pigeon? 

venetian pigeons

the chemist caught hold of a venetian pigeon
hooray let’s catch hold of his sack!
the old woman caught hold of the pigeon
and when we flipped the power switch
the old woman flew away

written by

Katalin Ladik

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Issue 05

Young & Beautiful

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translated by

Owen Good

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Four Poems by Katalin Ladik
Four poems by one of Hungary’s most prominent avant-garde poets.