Kateryna Kalytko is a Ukrainian poet, prose writer, and translator. She has published seven collections of poetry, and two short story collections. Her most recent collection of poems was awarded the Litaktsent Prize in 2019, while her most recent prose collection was the BBC Book of the Year in 2017. Her translations from Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian into Ukrainian include works by Adisa Bašić, Nenad Veličković, and Miljenko Jergović. She is the founder of the Intermezzo Short Story Festival.

Photograph © Wikipedia / TamaraSk


“To rebuild means to trust” by Kateryna Kalytko

The Ukrainian poet Kateryna Kalytko considers the trust required to rebuild on unsteady ground, in a world between stages of renaming.

“On the seventh day of direct observations” by Kateryna Kalytko

In this poem by Kateryna Kalytko, at a time of destruction, the Ukrainian poet marvels at the simplicity and the nobility of language.

“Later we will have to reinvent the words” by Kateryna Kalytko

In this poem by Kateryna Kalytko the Ukrainian poet rediscovers words, naming objects as a means of self-preservation, entering a shelter of language.