8th December 2022


1 minute read

Kateryna Kalytko

“To rebuild means to trust”

translated by Olena Jennings & Oksana Lutsyshyna

8th December 2022

1 minute read

To rebuild means to trust.

Here I carry

my stone, here I place it

next to yours. What will hold them?

The world is a colloidal solution, the primal

broth of molecules

between two stages of creation,

two stages of renaming.

Our walls are slithering, moving as if

we were building them on the back of a great snake.

First we will rebuild the house of your laughter, warmed through, lit.

The lightness, the freedom

to raise the house all at once, to accept

all of you into me. And this is why I stand

to hold with all my strength the moving stones

while you go to get

another stone.

written by

Kateryna Kalytko

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translated by

Olena Jennings & Oksana Lutsyshyna

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