Anna Bentley was born and educated in Britain. While doing her teacher training at Oxford, she met her Hungarian husband and, consequently, the Hungarian language. She taught English before moving to Budapest where she has lived since 2000. Pushkin Children’s Press (UK) published Anna’s translation of Ervin Lázár's children's classic Arnica, the Duck Princess in 2019. In the same year, her translation of Anna Menyhért’s Women's Literary Tradition and Twentieth-Century Hungarian Women Writers, was published by Brill. She is currently working on Zoltán Halasi’s Road to the Empty Sky.

Photograph © Anna Bentley


In Focus
Epidemic by Petra Szőcs

The inhabitants of this plague-struck world, in this poem by Hungarian poet Petra Szőcs, are seething with suspicion, horror, fear, and longing.

Lie Detector by Petra Szőcs

In this polygraphic poem, by Petra Szőcs, we discover whether any truths are revealed when one’s heart becomes the subject of a lie detector test.

The Home for Crazy Girls by Márta Júlia Nagy

In Márta Júlia Nagy’s poem, a home for beautiful crazy girls lies rotting as if from a modern nightmare or a fairytale by the Brothers Grimm.

A Gloss on the Ten Commandments by Zsófia Balla

“So, when I write, I should / keep your commandment—but how?” a poem by Hungarian poet Zsófia Balla, in Anna Bentley’s translation.

Then Without the Body by Béla Markó

“collapse, rejection, resurrection, / this is what we all longed for, / this broken bread”—Béla Markó, in Anna Bentley’s translation.