Olena Jennings &
Oksana Lutsyshyna

Olena Jennings (1979, United States) is an author and translator. She has published one poetry collection Songs from an Apartment, the chapbook Memory Project, and the novel Temporary Shelter, released in 2021 from Cervena Barva Press. Oksana Lutsyshyna (1979, Ukraine) is a writer and translator, and a lecturer in Ukrainian Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. She has published three novels, a short-story collection, and four collections of poems in Ukrainian. Her novel Ivan and Phoebe won the Lviv City of Literature UNESCO Prize and Taras Shevchenko National Prize in fiction.

Photograph © facebook.com


“To rebuild means to trust” by Kateryna Kalytko

The Ukrainian poet Kateryna Kalytko considers the trust required to rebuild on unsteady ground, in a world between stages of renaming.

“My God forms battalions all night” by Marjana Savka

In this poem by Ukrainian poet Marjana Savka, we find the call for a realist God who fights, protects, and permits us to not forgive.

“On the seventh day of direct observations” by Kateryna Kalytko

In this poem by Kateryna Kalytko, at a time of destruction, the Ukrainian poet marvels at the simplicity and the nobility of language.

“Child, hold your doll, hold your teddy bear, hold your kitty.” by Marjana Savka

In this poem, on a train winding through a burnt world towards longed-for shelter, an adult pleads to a desperate child to hold their teddy, to not cry.

“Later we will have to reinvent the words” by Kateryna Kalytko

In this poem by Kateryna Kalytko the Ukrainian poet rediscovers words, naming objects as a means of self-preservation, entering a shelter of language.