the ventriloquists by Gábor Gyukics

the white-collar inhabitants of this globe will seriously mull over anything unworthy that does not affect their daily routines even if it let’s them fall headfirst into a manhole that won’t ever regurgitate them in vain they frown with relentless minds or goggle at the particular absence of some staggering objects which might pull them […]

shindig by Gábor Gyukics

harvesting his memory right after he was arrested without hearing the Miranda warning his case was accelerated by two nocturnal detectives ambling from sidewalk to sidewalk luminescing nothing except their boredom and indifference towards the man they picked out of the crowd believing he committed a crime they didn’t know nothing about yet the man […]

Fallen Angels by Silvester Lavrík

“You’ll end up in hell, you Antichrists,” Granny Zuzana would scold the boys whenever they did anything wrong. Putting four more buchty into the pot to steam, she’d inevitably notice that two from earlier had disappeared. “They’re lively lads,” Grandad Martin would say, smiling genially. “Antichrists like you, more like,” retorted the old woman, fired […]

Issue 03


Imagine our ancestors, millennia ago, roaming the wilderness. Painting a cave, chipping a stone, gazing into the fire. What faith means to them we cannot know but undoubtedly: they did believe in something. In their ability to confront deadly beasts, to trust their fellow humans, to forge alliances… that they and their children might survive another day.

Honey by László Imre Horváth

We revisit a scene from Josephus Flavius’ account of what he called, in his famous history, the war of the Jews. We find ourselves with Marcus Atius, who has welcomed a party traveling with the body of Aristobulus in search of honey to preserve the corpse until it can be sent to the Jews for […]

Panic Button by Jan Němec

He turned the ignition key. The concealed cameras showed him his immediate surroundings via the screen on the dashboard. The red Alfa Romeo to the left belonged to the lady next door, whom he had once quite fancied, while the Škoda on the other side meant nothing. He reversed out of their embrace without triggering […]

If the elites lie to you about this, they can lie to you about anything by Jolyon Naegele

Czech writer Tomáš Zmeškal on how Czech society reflects on its history, and whether perceptions of ethnic and racial minorities have changed.   Jolyon Naegele: The son of a Congolese father and a Czech mother, you were born and grew up in communist Czechoslovakia before leaving the country for the UK in 1987 at the […]

Ukrainian Women Poets: Foreword by Olesya Khromeychuk & Uilleam Blacker

In a foreword to our Ukrainian women poets, Olesya Khromeychuk & Uilleam Blacker ask, how can faith, hope, and love live in a space of pain?   Fides, Spes, Caritas—the story tells us—were young girls, martyred in front of their mother, Sophia. They were ordered to forgo their belief and, instead, to accept one imposed […]