Eight billion Shades – Capturing a World of Color by Attila Lóránt

Kodak, one of the most familiar names on the market in the world of photography, launched research into ways in which to produce darker tones simply in response to interest from chocolate producers and furniture factories, that were increasingly impatient to have photographs that captured a diversity of shades.   At the beginning of the […]

If we indeed have souls by Zsuzsa Takács

It has no single form. And that’s the point! Can we trust in that which constantly changes its appearance? In Blind Hope? It could be a beggar on the street corner, or a young woman, servant to a house, marched off to Auschwitz together with her masters, to the Danube Delta or Vorkuta where she […]

God, White, Man by Attila Bartis

Seven years ago, as fate would have it, I arrived in Indonesia for the first time in my life, on Vesak. Vesak is the celebration of the birth, enlightenment, and departure from earthly existence—or Parinirvāna—of Gautama Buddha. Parinirvāna cannot really be called death, much like the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Christ. From the perspective […]

Issue 02


Everyone in the world has at some point felt an insatiable desire for something or someone. Craving is a heightened state of longing, which always carries with it a sense of hopelessness, of the impossibility of fulfilment. The object of our longing can take many different forms. Perhaps we crave true love, or maybe just a cigarette on which we can puff while we gaze on the hills or valleys or plains of our homeland. Perhaps from time to time we even crave death. Cravings are complex, as they can be physical, mental, even spiritual.

Magnetic fields of sympathy by Mila Haugová

In the intimacy of stripped-bare sounds I cannot remember any voice My hearing is failing my memory of sound or there is a rift so acute and deep that it escapes comprehension.   I step on the fragile November ice no it’s nothing unsafe // only tread inspired by water on the field path and […]

To Crave the Edges of Speech by Diana Senechal

Reflections on Cz.K. Sebő’s New Album Listen with me to Cz.K. Sebő’s How could I show you the beauty of a life in vain?, my favorite album of 2021. This is not a record review. Instead, I hope to take you with me as I explore the questions: What does it mean to crave the […]

White Price Comfort by William Pierce

I was reading Thomas Lynch’s The Undertaking recently. It’s a good book. First published in 1997, it came out at a time when, let’s be honest, most white Americans—like me—thought “race relations” were in a better place than most white Americans think they are now. Americans of color were, as ever, not fooled. They also […]

On The Way To Magadan by Anna Terék

I’m wondering how far one’s desires can be from another’s. Aren’t you interested, mister? You just laugh, oblivious to the distance to Magadan.   What if we had gone anyway? I would be watching the ice, you’d be watching the endlessness, this is how we would be mirrored in that flat-frozen Siberia. Isn’t it how […]