Litterfall by Gyula Jenei

the poplar trees will turn yellow then, when one night a sudden chill descends on them, and not leaf by leaf, like the happy trees, but from one day to the next the entire forest turns yellow, and in the weakening day the senile leaves lose their hold on the branches. at the end of […]

Slap by Gyula Jenei

he will be a gypsy boy, or maybe half-gypsy; but this matters only because of a spontaneous phrase. otherwise he is the same kind of sweatsuited devil as the rest of us. at that time only the agronomist’s son wears jeans, and we envy him for it, but also get along well with him. we […]

The Legend of Lobo by Gyula Jenei

strip-jointed floor, oil-fired stove, two-hundred seat auditorium to the world. we always buy tickets for the twelfth row. the rearmost medium-priced row. the entrance is five forints. for the first row, two. just once will i sit up there, to see a soviet film. i have to keep gazing upwards, my neck starts to hurt, […]

Eszter’s Garden by Ákos Győrffy

As he makes a nighttime visit to the cemetery where his grandparents are buried, a young man ponders questions which have troubled him since his childhood. He muses over the places where he sought refuge from the fuss and to-do of the world, including the imaginary garden of an imaginary friend. There was no light. […]

The Grass and the Night Sky by Krisztina Rita Molnár

“…sometimes we lose buttons – much to our annoyance – but we never rid ourselves of one intentionally. Before worn or passé garments end up in the bin, off come the durable, reusable buttons, so they can join their companions and await the rare moment when perhaps they might again come near a needle and […]

Smartphone on the Sunday Table… by Michal Habaj

Smartphone on the Sunday table. It’s all laid out. Spiders are crawling from underground. They desire your Beauty. Their names are Pride, Hate and Avarice. The web they spin is strong. Like our business relationship. In reality they own us. But you don’t know that yet. You still dream of Glory. Of monetizing Beauty. Of […]

Faith as True and Constructive Knowledge by Katalin Mezey

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, conviction of things not seen.” Letters of Paul to the Hebrews, Chapter 11 Verse 1. “Faith means that one believes what one does not yet see. The reward of faith is that one will see what one believes.” St. Augustine “Faith demands a great deal because […]

Desire As a Source of Suffering and Progress by Pavla Horáková

Raise your hand if you have not been drilled from an early age to control, tame, conceal, or completely mortify your desires. From time immemorial, the principle of delayed gratification has been instilled in children since– by family, school, society, and literature. When I was very young, various child-rearing schools of thought in Czechoslovakia actually […]

the ventriloquists by Gábor Gyukics

the white-collar inhabitants of this globe will seriously mull over anything unworthy that does not affect their daily routines even if it let’s them fall headfirst into a manhole that won’t ever regurgitate them in vain they frown with relentless minds or goggle at the particular absence of some staggering objects which might pull them […]