In Focus

14th March 2023

In Focus

1 minute read

Marcin Sendecki


translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones

14th March 2023

1 minute read

The dog survived, note that down.

The reading was not in vain.

He knew who would shoot when

and who would start to bleed.


A fine day to roast a chicken

with carrots. No potatoes.

No witnesses. No notification.


A long fast, a retreat

in the bar where Dylan Thomas

ordered the fatal bourbon.


Will this do? It will.

The world was bad and was patched up.

The dog was bound to survive. Note that down.

written by

Marcin Sendecki

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Issue 04


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translated by

Antonia Lloyd-Jones

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In Focus
Retreat by Marcin Sendecki
Sendecki’s poem is a plot of image and meaning with a characteristically dramatic aura, its microscenes simultaneously intriguing and disturbing.