A Character in World Poetry Called Petőfi by János Háy

János Háy asks, why write for foreign readers about Sándor Petőfi, a great poet of a tiny linguistic community, a deceased colleague, a revolutionary?

Inscrutable Are Ways of Tengri by András Cserna-Szabó

Szabolcs is living in a yurt, where he seeks refuge from life’s upheavals in lore and myths, when he collides with a younger generation.

In War’s Orbit by Diána Vonnák

Written before Russia’s invasion, Hungarian writer Diána Vonnák explores the lives sucked into the Russo-Ukrainian war since 2014.

Propositional Erotica by George Szirtes

A poem by the British poet and translator, born in Budapest, George Szirtes.

Showdown in L.A. by András Dezső

András Dezső investigates the stories of three Hungarian gangsters who defected from 1980s communist Hungary for the Los Angeles underworld.

Landscapes of Desire by George Szirtes

George Szirtes introduces our poets, and considers the topography of craving and its synonyms; the terrain, landmarks, and boundaries.

Two Poems by András Gerevich

Two poems, College Library Toilets and Tan Oil by Hungarian poet András Gerevich, in Andrew Fentham’s translation, for our focus of “Crave”.

Another God by Ágnes Gurubi

In this novel excerpt, a woman involved in an affair ponders the ways in which the shadows of the past hang over the cravings of the present.

Litterfall by Gyula Jenei

A boy walks alone through the changing layers of leaves, in a poem by the Hungarian poet Gyula Jenei, translated by Diana Senechal.