Underwatersong by Kinga Tóth

Animals, language, and Dadaistic gestures collide in this poem by Hungarian poet Kinga Tóth, in a translation by Belarussian poet Valzhyna Mort with Owen Good.

Black Snow by Anna Terék

An alcoholic father is drafted during the Yugoslav war, in a poem by Hungarian poet Anna Terék, translated by Belarussian poet Valzhyna Mort with Owen Good.

[1945] by László Szilasi

In Hungarian writer László Szilasi’s excerpt, Doctor Tardits returns to the village from Auschwitz, but what remains of his life there? Or who has occupied it since?

The Polyglot Pub Key by Hász Róbert

Hungarian writer Róbert Hász recounts tales of his family home, a former pub in the multicultural province of Vojvodina, in modern-day Serbia.

Hail Pariah by Krisztina Tóth

The Hungarian writer Krisztina Tóth reflects on adoption, anti-Gypsyism, and the gut fears that we inherit from our ancestors, and carry forward.

The Dog is Barking by János Háy

What are the benefits to prejudice? The Hungarian author János Háy explores our advantageous relationship to prejudice and discrimination as humans.

It’ll Be Great! by Babarczy Eszter

Hungarian author Eszter Babarczy’s short story about a white Hungarian student’s attempts while volunteering to find and solve problems within a Roma family.

Neither Sleep nor Slumber by Gábor T. Szántó

In Hungarian writer Gábor T. Szántó’s story, as communism falls and the Russian troops withdraw from Hungary, an elderly rabbi receives an unlikely visit.