I translated at least 50 Native American poets by Sándor Jászberényi

Hungarian poet Gábor Gyukics talks about the various influences on his poetry which he encountered over the course of his travels and his work as a translator.

Honey by László Imre Horváth

In a scene from Flavius’ history, Marcus Atius welcomes a party traveling with the body of Aristobulus seeking honey to preserve the corpse.

Apothetae by Benedek Totth

In novelist Benedek Totth’s short story the violence of a soldier suffering from shellshock is cast into the light when he meets a mother and her disabled son.

My Anti-Gypsyism by Ákos Kele Fodor

Hungarian author and poet Ákos Kele Fodor reveals his own anti-Gypsyism and reflects on an upbringing in a racist Hungarian society.

Shanghai Bitter by Noémi László

A young writer who has been invited to a book opening China explores the cultural backdrop of Shanghai while also pondering her motivations as an author.

Eight billion Shades – Capturing a World of Color by Attila Lóránt

Hungarian cultural anthropologist and photographer Attila Lóránt on a Central European perspective of racism and historical racial bias in photography.

If we indeed have souls by Zsuzsa Takács

In this poem by Hungarian Zsuzsa Takács, translated by poet George Szirtes, Eastern European trauma transforms into the spectacle of disaster tourism.

God, White, Man by Attila Bartis

The Hungarian novelist Attila Bartis on the necessity to consider his white identity in Indonesia, and what lies at the roots of racial prejudice.

Underwatersong by Kinga Tóth

Animals, language, and Dadaistic gestures collide in this poem by Hungarian poet Kinga Tóth, in a translation by Belarussian poet Valzhyna Mort with Owen Good.