Gypsy Heroes by Rodrigó Balogh

Actor and theater artist Balogh Rodrigó writes on the circumstances surrounding the creation of Gypsy Heroes, the first compilation of works for the theater by and about Roma.

Moments of Mercy by Natália Szeifert

Along her route, caring for her elderly patients, Gilda considers her own lost and matured relationships, while confronted by loneliness, desires, and shame.

Apothetae by Benedek Totth

In novelist Benedek Totth’s short story the violence of a soldier suffering from shellshock is cast into the light when he meets a mother and her disabled son.

My Anti-Gypsyism by Ákos Kele Fodor

Hungarian author and poet Ákos Kele Fodor reveals his own anti-Gypsyism and reflects on an upbringing in a racist Hungarian society.

Shanghai Bitter by Noémi László

A young writer who has been invited to a book opening China explores the cultural backdrop of Shanghai while also pondering her motivations as an author.

Love Money by Ildiko Noemi Nagy

How much is love money worth? In Ildikó Noémi Nagy’s short story a Brooklyn school friendships are made and lost in ways beyond the children’s control.

Two in the midst by Mila Haugová

Poem by Mila Haugova which touch on exclusion, compassion, the passing of time, and the consequences of the suspension of life because of Corona virus.

Skin is as unique as fingerprints by Attila Lóránt

“…there are human beings with skin of almost eight billion different shades, people whose skin is as unique as their fingerprints. “

Eight billion Shades – Capturing a World of Color by Attila Lóránt

Hungarian cultural anthropologist and photographer Attila Lóránt on a Central European perspective of racism and historical racial bias in photography.