Owen Good is a Northern Irish translator of Hungarian poetry and prose. Good is translator of Krisztina Tóth’s short story cycle Pixel (Seagull Books, 2019). His translations have been published in Ploughshares, Modern Poetry in Translation and The Poetry Review. He also co-edits Hungarian Literature Online.

Photograph © Gábor Valuska


In Focus
“it was iron: i thought by János Marno

A fragmentary avantgarde poem by Hungarian poet János Marno, with seemingly no framework, contorted with cynicism, lust, shame, villainy, and terror.

The Ghost of Rococo by János Marno

In this poem by Hungarian poet János Marno in a private moment of near hallucination a ladybird on a finger is mistaken for a drop of blood.

Four Poems by Katalin Ladik

Four poems by one of Hungary’s most prominent avant-garde poets.

Visit by László Sepsi

In the criminal underworld of László Sepsi’s upcoming novel Territorium, talk never really was an option and violence comes with the territory.

The Personification of Nothing by János Marno

An aphoristic one-word poem by veteran Hungarian poet János Marno that captures both the black humor and the utter pessimism of noir.

Osmosis by János Marno

The Hungarian poet János Marno considers the bright optimism of the ageing Jorge Luis Borges in the face of death, and a new life in Buenos Aires.

The Last Terrorist by Máté Makai

In this dystopian, Hungarofuturist short story by Máté Makai, an investigative journalist follows a cell of time-travelling climate terrorists.

Sunday Afternoon in the Hills by Rita Halász

In this short story by Hungarian writer Rita Halász a mother and her partner tensely await the homecoming of her teenaged daughter.

Murder in the 17th District by Tibor Noé Kiss

In this short story by Hungarian writer Tibor Noé Kiss, a woman comes to terms with her mother’s death, while looking back on a mysterious chapter of her love life.