Waning by Lenka Kuhar Daňhelová

A poem by Czech poet Lenka Kuhar Daňhelová in Bob Hýsek’s translation.

Admonitions by Lili Hanna Seres

A poem by Hungarian poet Lili Hanna Seres, in Timea Sipos’s translation.

Awaiting the Invasion by Oksana Maksymchuk

The speaker describes the sounds and movement of bugs, birds, and nature, while waiting for war, as if they were impervious to human events.

To Write About War by Iryna Shuvalova

In this long poem by Ukrainian poet Iryna Shuvalova, language is found empty and ineffective, and the poet still more powerless than before.

Nile by István Kemény

A poem by Hungarian poet István Kemény, in Owen Good’s translation.

Etiology by David Galef

In a crowded elevator leaving the 17th floor, six-year-old Ricardo and his mother meet two complete strangers, when an incident occurs.

Cravings are Eternal by Continental Magazine

Craving is a heightened state of longing, which always carries with it a sense of hopelessness, of the impossibility of fulfilment.

What of Him? by Tomasz Różycki

A poem by the award-winning Polish poet Tomasz Różycki, translated into the English by Mira Rosenthal, for the Continental Literary Magazine’s focus of “Crave”.

In War’s Orbit by Diána Vonnák

Written before Russia’s invasion, Hungarian writer Diána Vonnák explores the lives sucked into the Russo-Ukrainian war since 2014.