White Price Comfort by William Pierce

William Pierce reflects on the racism in the physical and cultural geography of the United States and white supremacism’s ongoing distortions of American life.

On The Way To Magadan by Anna Terék

In the brilliant translation of Ágnes Marton, Anna Terék’s poem about longing, heartbreaks, and tragedies on the way to our mysterious destination, Magadan.

Democracy Has Become Perverse by Dániel Pál Levente

Internationally renowned performance artist Marina Abramović and Hungarian writer and translator Dániel Levente Pál talk about issues ranging from trends and transformations in the arts over the past half century to cravings for truth in dictatorships and democracies.

Underwatersong by Kinga Tóth

Animals, language, and Dadaistic gestures collide in this poem by Hungarian poet Kinga Tóth, in a translation by Belarussian poet Valzhyna Mort with Owen Good.

Speak Closer: Poems of Statelessness and Speechlessness by Valzhyna Mort

Walzhyna Mort ponders the diverse challenges a translator faces when attempting to recreate an array of poetic voices in different languages.

come closer by Marie Iljašenko

Ukranian poet Marie Iljasenko explores themes of belonging and foreignness in poems which draw on her experiences as both a cultural insider and outsider.

Black Snow by Anna Terék

An alcoholic father is drafted during the Yugoslav war, in a poem by Hungarian poet Anna Terék, translated by Belarussian poet Valzhyna Mort with Owen Good.

Biography of a Black-and-White Lamb by Tomáš Zmeškal

A short story in which Thomas Zmeskal explores the essentially racist, exclusive nature of narratives of national identity in Central Europe.

Cold War 2.0 by Sándor Jászberényi

Noam Chomsky shares his thoughts on the tensions which have shaped world over the past half-century and offers a grim diagnosis of our preparedness for the conflicts of the future.